How to Consign

1)  What is consignment?  

Consignment is a way for us to help you sell your nicer quality, women’s clothing and accessories at a better price then you would get if you sold them at a garage sale you receive a percentage of the selling price.  When you bring in items we will select the ones that we believe will sell.  A consignment period is for 60 days.   It is also a way for you to shop for those items you would really rather have at a fraction of their original retail cost.  Consignment is also a way to help the environment by promoting the reuse and recycling of your no longer wanted items.

2)  Do you buy outright?

No we are straight consignment which means you get paid when the item sells.

3)  What items do you accept?

We accept women’s quality clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories and jewelry.  Please bring in no more than 15 items at a time. All items must be newly cleaned, pressed, on hangers and free of stains,  rips, missing buttons, pet hair, smoke odor or broken zippers.  Please no trash bags of items. The items must have labels.   Basically ready to put on the sales floor.  We will then go through your items to determine what we will take.

4)  Who sets the prices?

We do.  We generally price items at 40-70% below current market pricing.  A newer item, popular style or size usually allows for a higher sales price.  We know what our customers are willing to pay for items.  When you consign with us we are in business together and we will price your items as high as possible, but yet still make them marketable.

5)  What will you not accept?

While we would love to accept as much as possible, our job is to sell your items as quickly as possible so you can make some money and re-stock your closet.  Some of the labels that we can no longer take are: Jones New York, Forever 21, American Eagle Outfitter, GAP, Old Navy, Mossimo, Merona, ana, Arizona, Croft & Barrow, Limited, Covington, Worthington, Jacquelyn Smith, Willie Smith, Simply Vera, Gloria Vanderbilt, Faded Glory, and Liz Claiborne. For a complete list please contact the store. Please try to keep seasons in mind.  We find it hard to sell sweaters in August and shorts in February.  If you want to give it away or finally get rid of those bags that have been sitting in the garage for months, then chances are those items are best given to charity.

6)  What if I want my unsold items back?

We prefer people bring us items that they are ready to part with and leave their unsold items, but are happy to pull unsold items for you.  If you have elected to have your unsold items to be returned to you, you must pick them up within the 7 day window after the the finalize date, otherwise the items will not be returned as storage space is very limited. If these items are not sold they will be donated. You must give us 2-3 days before you will be picking up your items, so we can have time to pull those items.  Items must be picked up within 7 days after the consignment period ends. If they are not picked up within the 7 days after the 60-day consignment period, the items will be donated to selected hospice and local charities.

7)  What happens if my items do not sell?

After 30 days, we  mark items down to help sell.  After 60 days you can either pick up your items or they become the property of the store.  If you have a particular charity that you like to donate to, that charity can contact us about how we can help them.  If items are not picked up after 7 days they become property of the store.

8)  How do I know when my items have sold?

All items are tagged and bar coded.  Each consignor receives a personalized number and password.  Whenever anything sells the account is credited right away.   We have an online consignor access system for you to keep track and watch the activity of your items.

9) When can I bring in my items for consignment?

We have set days and times that you are able to bring in your items for consignment without an appointment: Monday, Wendsday and Friday between 11am-3pm. If you are needing to bring in your items and can’t make it in at the noted days and times, please contact us to make an appointment. Note that appointments get booked quickly and your appointment date may be one to two months out.

10)  Why consign with us instead of having a garage sale?

We will do all the work for you and probably make more money.  We will:

*  consign your items for 60 days

*  do all the advertising

*  be open 6 days a week

*  provide dressing rooms

*  display items nicely in our store

*  save you hours of labor

*  make you more money!

Example:  designer jeans, garage sale price  $10   Deja Vu price $50


Interested in learning more about becoming a consignment partner?  Give us a call and we will be happy to explain the process to you.  You can also click the Consignor Agreement button at the top of the page and view the form.