The Shop

At Deja Vu Consignment Boutique we understand that you can accomplish more together than you can alone.

That’s why we feel that we’re in this together!

We really care about the consignment partnerships that are created, and we want to share all the unique finds that come through our doors everyday.

We pride ourselves on giving back to our community. From donating clothes and accessories to The American Cancer Society, Wardrobe for Opportunity, STAND! Against Domestic Violence and The Princess Project to sponsoring local events, Deja Vu Consignment Boutique is constantly giving back to various organizations in the community.

We have the best deals in Pleasant Hill.

How To Consign

Take a good, long look at each item you’re
considering for consignment and ask yourself,
“Why am I interested in consigning this item?”

If the answer is,

•  “It’s a beautiful garment and I love it, BUT”
•  “It will never fit me again”
•  “It’s just not my color”
•  “My lifestyle has changed and I’ll never wear
it again”
•  “I’ve had it for awhile and the tags are still on it”
•  “It was an impluse buy and just isn’t me”

Then we most likely want these items.

But, If the answer is,

•  “It’s more than 3 years old”
•  “It’s worn out”
•  “It needs repair”
•  “It looks dated or out of style”
•  “It’s not very good quality”
•  “I just want all this old stuff out of my closet”
It is not consignment items we are interested in.

We look forward to seeing you!